What are New Features Offered by Android 11?

Android 11 new features
Android 11 new features

Finally, the new Android version is released. All people are waiting for Android 11. The launch of this new OS gives the users easier ways to connect their devices, manage their conversation, and protect the privacy as well. So, what are the new features offered by the 11th version of Android? Check this out.

  • Built-in screen recording.

By using Android 11, it is not necessary at all to use third party apps to record your screen. You can capture what is happening on your phone. Recording with sound is also possible. Capturing and sharing is now a piece of cake.

  • Bubbles.

This features helps you to respond to required conversation in your messaging app easily without switching it back and forth on what you are doing. With this feature, multitasking will becomes easier.

  • Prioritize conversation.

In this new Android version, the conversation done in several messaging app will be placed to a dedicated space. You will be easier to manage the conversation. Also, you can prioritize the conversations from the important person in your life.

  • Accessing smart device.

With Android 11, you can control all of your smart devices just in one place. you just need to long press the power button. Now, you can control your home lighting, smart lock, or thermostat without opening multiple apps.

  • One time permission.

Android 11 allows the users to give single use access to their device every time you install the new application. For instance, you can give one-time permission to access the camera, microphone, and location. When the apps need the access to those censors, it has to ask for your permission over and over.

  • Auto-reset permission.

If you do not use a certain app that you install on your device, You may do not want those apps to access your data. Android 11 offers auto reset permission and give you some notifications. You can re-grant the permission when you use the app next time.

  • Google Play system update modules.

This feature enables your security and privacy fixes sent from Google Play when your apps are updated. This way, you will be able to fix it as soon as possible. So, you do not need to wait for the full OS update.

  • More privacy and protection.

Android 11 offers more protection on your device. For instance, you are using company-owned device. Then, the IT department tool can manage your smartphone without monitoring your personal data on your smartphone.

All Android 11 smartphones will be able to enjoy all features above.

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