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UR Association We are a private member-based business of independent business owners chartered to support and help our members grow strong, profitable, and secure businesses. We believe that each person has been designed for accomplishment, engineered for success, and endowed by our Creator with the seeds of greatness.

UR Association, LLC – UR Association, a team of …

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Ed Vicinanza told us that the most important thing about being a part of UR Association was that the organization provides an atmosphere in which one can create a legacy for those coming behind us.

About UR Association | UR Association, LLC

About UR Association

Who We Are. We operate as a marketing arm for dozens of the largest companies on the web to help generate new business by expanding existing customer bases while raising brand awareness.

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When Dustin and Amy Delay sat down to tell us their story, Amy said that she was initially unsure about the possibility of “starting our own business”, but that meeting the leaders of UR Association quickly convinced both her and Dustin that the possibilities were endless.

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UR Association is a new organization led by John Crowe, who was formerly associated with Britt World Wide. UR teaches IBOs how to build organizations that can create not just financial wealth, but to also help other people take control of their financial future.

Amway UR Association Overview, Review and Testimonials

Amway UR Association Review, Overview and Testimonials

This post will provide a review of the Amway UR Association, one of the leading Amway Motivational Organizations.. Let me begin by stating that John and Jennie Belle Crowe are legends in the Amway business. They live in Virginia. They joined Amway in 1973 and reached Diamond in just five years.

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