The Best Android Hidden Tricks for your Smartphone

Android hidden tricks
Android hidden tricks

The strength Android VS iOS is still debatable. But, most people agree that Google’s phone software or Android is more versatile compared to iOS. Android offers various smart features as well as useful tools.

On this article, you will be able to find some hidden tricks for Android. But, you have to note that Android has various models and versions. Every version may have different features. So, it may be difficult to find the consistent features that are compatible for all devices. Here are some tricks you can try on your Android phone.

  • Cast the Android Screen.

For several years, Android users can broadcast Android smartphone to a larger screen by using a Chromecast. This tool can mirror your smartphone. The recent version of Android has been equipped with built-in Chromecast mirroring. You can use mirroring shortcut on Quick Settings. You can drag down your screen by using two fingers. This way, you will be able to find Cast Option.

  • Run two Apps together side by side.

The new feature that is added to Android Nougat is the ability to run two applications one above the other or side by side. This feature is beneficial for the Android users who like multitasking. You can display photo, doing social networking while watching videos, etc. To set this feature, you can click on Overview button. It is a square icon located below the screen. You can select which applications you want to run. Just hold and drag it to the left or the top of display. After that, you can choose another app you want to display.

  • Set the Images and Fonts Larger.

The new Android version lets the users to adjust the display size of the font and images. So, you can change the size bigger so it will be more visible. You are allowed to zoom in or zoom out the text. But, you should note that not all application can respond this adjustment.

In order to adjust the size of image or text, you can open the Android Setting. Then, you can go to Display menu. Then, you can tap on the font size to adjust the size of the font. You also can change the object smaller or larger by selecting the Display Size.

  • Adjust the Volume Setting.

Your Android smartphone can play some types of audio. It can play ring tones, alarms, notification, media, and phone call. You can adjust each type of volume setting individually. You can adjust the volume by going to Setting menu, Sounds, and tap the volume.

But, have you ever tried the easy shortcut? You can tap the physical volume buttons on your device when no media plays. When you do it, a pop up will appear on your screen. It shows the volume setting you can change.

Those are some hidden tricks you can try on your Android smartphone. Have you updated your smartphone to Android 11? If so, you can try Andoid 11 features that will make you amazed.

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