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https://swalife.info/cwa/ South West Airlines has created an online portal called Swalife has made it easier for its employees to travel with South West Airlines. Through this online portal, employees can go through all the latest information and make a non-revenue listing for flights.

https://swalifefoundation.com/ Swalife foundation Academy is an online academy created by Dr.Pravin for science entrepreneur to share his knowledge and develop the skills which are needed to improve the life of science entrepreneurship and Agri entrepreneurship. on this online platform, Dr.Pravin with his team created different online courses for Science entrepreneur which will be updated on a daily bases with videos, audios and ebooks.

https://swalife.site/ Swalife or South West Airways (SWA), the world’s largest low-cost airplane service of the United States was established in the year 1967 by Herb Kelleher as Air Southwest. The name was changed to South West Airways on June 18, 1971 when the first intrastate airplane service was started within Texas.

https://swalife.info/benefits/ South West Airlines Employee Benefits. South West Airlines offers a number of benefits for its employees. These benefits range from Southwest’s legendary work culture to the employee travel privileges. There is a benefits package for the employees and their dependents including health benefits, 401 (k)Plan, Profit sharing plan, etc.

https://www.swalifebiotech.com/ Swalife is on mission to develop products that improve the lives of people living with cancer by targeting DNA damage response. Swalife biotech have developed a technology that isolate novel small molecule from plants that protect from DNA damage and are also effective against cancer.

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