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Delegates: MassPAT allows non-prescribers to access MassPAT on behalf of enrolled prescribers. All delegates must create an account in MassPAT, according to instructions here. During enrollment, delegates must select prescribers who have enrolled in MassPAT for whom they will be a delegate. Exceptions to MassPAT requirements Hospice patients

Create an Account – MassPAT
Register for an Account. Please create your own account and do not create an account on behalf of someone else. Email. Password. Password Confirmation. Password Must: Minimum of 8 characters ; Contain one upper case letter ; Contain one lower case letter ; Contain one special character (! @ # $ etc.) Maximum of 72 characters ; Already have an account? Log In. Need Help? Powered By. MassPAT MA …

Massachusetts Prescription Awareness Tool (MassPAT)
Massachusetts Controlled Substances Registration (MCSR) – During registration, please enter your MCSR# in the “Controlled Substances ID” field Once you have submitted your credential on this website, you will have access to your MassPAT dashboard.

Massachusetts Prescription Awareness Tool (MassPAT) |

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health announces an upcoming enhancement to the Massachusetts Prescription Awareness Tool (MassPAT). On December 9 th, 2019, all approved MassPAT users will have access to an advanced patient support tool called Visano.In addition to the existing MassPAT functionality, Visano will include the current patient PMP report, but will also offer a …

Login Assistance How do I log in? Go to log in screen Please note that after 4 failed login attempts the PMP AWARxE account will lock out the account holder for 10 minutes. The requester will need to wait 10 minutes before attempting to use the “Reset Password” feature. Click on the “Reset Password” link.

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Register online for MassPAT, the tool utilized by authorized providers that supports safe prescribing and dispensing of Schedule II through V controlled substances. We provide video tutorials with instructions for prescribers, pharmacists, and delegates.

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MassPAT & PMP Clearinghouse help desk (855) 562-4767. Available 24/7 Fax (617) 973-0985. Online. [email protected] Search this organization. Search this organization Search. The PMP tracks statewide Schedule II-V prescriptions. With this system in place, we can give practitioners the tools they need to make the best clinical decisions. Featured Learn more about MassPAT . Register for …

Incorporating the NEW MassPAT into your Practice–Incorporating-the-New-PMP-into-Your-Practice-Webinar-(pdf)/

MassPAT account, their name and employer information will populate. 36 MassPAT System Preview: Adding a Supervisor. 37 MassPAT System Preview: Adding a Supervisor. 38 MassPAT System Preview: Delegate Pending Notification of a “pending” delegate. 39 MassPAT System Preview: Delegate Pending Lists all the supervisors Caroline has requested to link with. 40 MassPAT System Preview: Search …

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