Cool Wallpaper Apps for Android Smartphone

Wallpaper apps for Android
Wallpaper apps for Android

Searching for the great backgrounds and wallpapers for your Android devices are not difficult at all. You can search beautiful images by using Google Image Search or get it from Aol Desktop Gold Support. There are also many sites offering free wallpaper download.

If you are too lazy to download wallpaper for your Android device manually, you can rely on Wallpaper Apps. There are many apps on Google Play that provides you thousands unique and outstanding images for your phone wallpaper. What apps can you try? Let’s find out recommended wallpaper apps for Android phone below.

  • Abstruct.

This application is a new comer for wallpaper apps. This apps is developed by Hampus Olsson. He is the designer of OnePlus smartphone wallpaper. Abstruct offers abstract images in various colors. Totally, this apps has 300 images in 4K wallpaper resolutions. So, the quality of the image can not be underestimated. You can download this app for free. But, for the premium version, you have to pay $1.99.

  • Reddit.

This wallpaper app can be on your list of download. Reddit offers various wallpaper choices in multi resolutions. So, you can select wallpaper that fits to your smartphone screen. The users can get the wallpaper for free. But, if you want to use the additional features, you can purchase Reddit Gold.

  • Resplash.

This is a new wallpaper apps. If you want to search for photography wallpapers, Resplash is a great choice. This app consists of more than 10.000 images. The new wallpapers are added every day. The user interface of this app is very simple to use. The wallpaper offered by Resplash has a high resolution. It also comes with light customization. You can use dark mode as well as various layout options.

  • Sphaera

If you want to find a unique wallpaper, you can install Sphaera. This app lets the users to take a map and color it to be a wallpaper. You can use your hometown map or 30 locations inside this application. You can use this app by paying $0.99 u front.

  • Tapet.

Tapet does not offer wallpaper selections. The users of this app can design and color their own wallpaper. This way, you can have a unique wallpaper that others do not have.

  • Wallpapers

Who does not know this Wallpaper app which is developed by Google. This app can be downloaded for free. It offers various wallpaper selections. If dos not only offers the wallpaper for home screen but also the lock screen. The users are also able to set new wallpaper automatically.

Your screen display will be better if your Android smartphone runs the latest version of OS that is Android 11. So, you need to upgrade into Android 11 smartphone to get all of exciting features.

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