Android 11 Features on Pixel You Should Not Miss

android 11 on Google Pixel
android 11 on Google Pixel

Pixel users must be happy since this device receives many software updates several times a year. Through this updates, they can enjoy some new features, apps, and tricks. Recently, Pixel is updated with Android 11. This new OS makes your Pixel more helpful and better. Also, you will be able to communicate easily with your family and friends.

Android 11 comes in Pixel to prioritize people’s connection. So, what features are there on Android 11? Check this out.

  • Live View with Location Sharing.

This feature is added to Google Maps. By using this new tool, you will be able to meet up with your friends. When your friends share their live location to you, you can tap on their icon. Then, you will be able to see their location and detect how far their location are. You also can click on Start. This way, you can see which way they go.

  • Smart Reply.

Pixel keyboard is now equipped with Smart Reply. This feature makes your typing activity is effortless. It can give you some suggestions when you are chatting. This Smart reply feature also protect your privacy. Unfortunately, this feature is not available for all chat apps.

  • More control over smartphone.

With Android 11, Pixel will suggest you some apps based on your daily routines. So, you can get the tool what you need without any difficulties. For instance, it will recommend some applications that you usually use such as Google Maps, Messages, or media apps.

Besides, this device also enables you to select some images in convenient way. You also can screenshot by doing overview actions.

  • Copying, Pasting, and Sharing content easily.

Pixel enables you to copy, paste, and share the content you want with ease. Pixel offers various options to engage with the content to choose. This device can be customized as unique as possible. For instance, you can customize the home screen. You can organize the smartphone with intelligent suggestions for the folder names. You can also group some apps by its theme. For instance, you can group it to News, Photography, Fitness, and Navigation.

  • Pixel X Android 11.

Pixel is the first device that receives Android 11. This way, Pixel will be equipped with all new features of Android 11. The users of this device will be able to connect the device, manage the conversation, as well as protect their privacy.

Android 11 is not only available in Google Pixel. This new operating system is also available in other smartphones such as Samsung, Xiaomi, and Oppo. You can try Android 11 new features on those device.

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