Amazing Features on Android 11 You Must Try

Android 11 features
Android 11 features

For several months, Android offers beta update for Android 11 version. And now, Android 11 is officially available. Google proudly presents the greatest version of its operating system. This OS offers many features that you cannot find on Beta version.

Android 11 is available on certain smartphone brands including Oneplus, Pixel, Oppo, Xiaomi, and Realme. If you are using compatible device for Android 11, here we present some reasons this Android version is worth to upgrade.

  • Conversation becomes the priority.

Android 11 offers two improvements to the text conversation on smartphone. Google keeps the conversations separated from other notification. This feature gives them a priority to the top of the notification shade. You are allowed to set the conversation to the priority by allowing the notification comes through even though you mute the notification.

  • Bubbles conversation.

This feature is available if you use Facebook Messenger for Android. This feature lets the conversation you do exists on the floating bubbles. So, you can move it around on your smartphone screen. This feature puts Android a step ahead than iOS.

  • Screen Recording.

For years, you have to use third party app to record your screen. But, the new built-in screen recording feature is available on Android 11. At present, you can record any content on your smartphone including the audio without installing third party app.

If you want to enable this screen recording feature, you need to add this feature to the quick setting. If you use Pixel phone, you should open the notification shade. Then, you can tap on the pencil icon. After that, you can drag and drop the Screen button to the active tiles. This way, you can start recording your screen.

  • Simple Access to other smart devices.

If you use several smart gadgets in your house, you may be face much difficulties to manage all of them. The Google Assistant also may not understand what you say. Through Android 11, Google offers a smart solution. This feature allows the users to access the control of all devices just from the power button menu. Just long press the power button. Then, you will be able to control your smart locks, smart light, and also thermostat.

  • Media Control.

Android 11 offers better media controls for the users. This new Android version allows the users to select the audio output hassle free. You can select phone’s speakers to listen to the music, or you can even select headphone or speakers.

That’s all some new features on Android 11. If you use Android 11 on Pixel, you can try other interesting features.

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